The Dane County Sheriff’s Office has released the results of its investigation into an alleged fight between two state Supreme Court justices. The report includes interviews with several Supreme Court justices and members of court staff regarding the June 13th incident that took place in Justice Ann Walsh Bradley’s offices, when Justice David Prosser allegedly putting Bradley in a chokehold.

The confrontation occurred as conservative members of the court were pushing for the release of a controversial ruling that upheld the governor’s collective bargaining law. Members told investigators they felt the minority in the case was being delayed in order to hold up the release of the decision.

In an interview with investigators, Bradley said Prosser put his hands around her neck when she asked him to leave her office. Bradley claims Prosser was verbally abusing the Chief Justice and she rushed to her defense, getting face-to-face with Prosser.

Prosser admitted to investigators that he placed his hands on Bradley’s neck, but said it was only a reflex because the judge charged at him in anger. Bradley told police she did not feel any pain during the incident, but was left emotionally troubled afterwards.

Bradley recounted to police how the she asked Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs to meet with all of the justices to discuss workplace safety, and only requested a formal investigation after she felt that meeting did not resolve her concerns.

A special prosecutor determined Thursday that no charges would be filed in connection with the incident.

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