A new report shows the sexual abuse of children in Wisconsin may be a larger problem than previously believed. The group " Stop it Now! Wisconsin " surveyed 800 people in Milwaukee and Wausau. The initiative's Jennifer Hammel says the results shows one out every five people who responded admitted to being the victim of sexual abuse as a child. Of those, several told questioners this was the first time they'd admitted it.

Hammel says the results show a shocking increase from previously estimated levels of abuse in the state. She says it's a clear indication that the state needs to do more prevent abuse from happening in the first place.

The report also showed Wisconsinites do a good job of identifying children who may have been abused, but many people have a hard time spotting potential abusers. Hammel says realizing the chances of that behavior early on can keep abuse from even taking place, and people need to be educated in how to identify those problems. The group is urging more community education on sexual abuse prevention.

The report is the result of random digit dialing survey of 800 Wisconsin residents living in Green Bay and Wausau. It was conducted by "Stop it Now! Wisconsin," which is sponsored by the Children's Trust Fund and the Child Abuse Prevention Fund.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:07)

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