A new report released by WISPIRG shows how the U.S. can meet legislative goals to reduce global warming. The Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group says the report finds that the U.S. can reduce its global warming emissions by nearly 20% within the next 15 years by boosting energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Bruce Speight, WISPIRG Field Director, says the report is a blueprint with six specific steps to reduce global warming, like increasing our vehicle fuel economy to 40 mpg, replace 10% of vehicle fuel with bio-fuels, reduce energy consumption, use renewable energy sources for electricity, and hold down emissions. Speight says Wisconsin is already taking the lead and now it?s time for Washington to act.

Speight says investing in new technologies can prevent the worst effects of global warming, but could also improve our economy. WISPIRG is educating the people and the legislature about the solutions to global warming and technology is available now.

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