A new report from the Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group accuses two Wisconsin paper mills of putting public safety at risk.

The report identifies paper mills in Wisconsin Rapids and Nekoosa that still use chlorine to bleach paper. WISPIRG advocate Bruce Speight says those two facilities would put the health and safety of at least 26,000 people at risk, in the event of an accident or terrorist attack.

Speight says that those companies should voluntarily stop using chlorine. If they don't, WISPIRG is calling on Congress to require a switch to safer alternatives.

Until that happens though, Wisconsin Paper Council President Jeff Landin says those paper mills are doing nothing wrong. Landin says the use of chlorine is still totally legal. However, he notes that many companies have already voluntarily made the switch to alternative bleaching methods. Those that continue the practice are doing so under tight safety and security procedures. Landin says more companies are switching their bleaching methods, as it becomes cost effective. 

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:11)

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