A new report ranks Wisconsin’s economy last in racial equality. Among the findings in the WalletHub study, Wisconsin has the nation’s highest gap in annual income between white and black households, and the highest gap in workforce participation between black and white residents.

Wisconsin ranks last of the 50 states in the report on the State Economies with the Most Racial Equality, with neighboring Minnesota and Illinois raking 48th and 49th.

What’s even more striking than the inequality in employment is the disparity in wealth between white and black Americans. The average white family has a net worth of $171,000, compared to just $17,150 for the average black family.

In order to determine which states have the most racial equality in terms of employment and wealth, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across eight key metrics.

The data compares the difference between white and black Americans in areas such as annual income, unemployment rate and home ownership rate.

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