Rep. Sheila Stubbs

Both chambers of the Republican-controlled Wisconsin legislature on Monday quickly gaveled in and gaveled out  of a special session on police reforms called by Governor Tony Evers.

Member’s the legislature’s Black Caucus spoke before that, including Representative Sheila Stubbs (D-Madison), who pointed out that Wisconsin is the worst state in the nation in which to raise a Black family

“Yes, 44 percent of our Black children are living in poverty, yes, 13.2 percent of Black children in Wisconsin are found to have elevated blood lead levels. We must dismantle and break down these barriers, because they are fatal. Wisconsin has the highest infant mortality rate for Black babies, nationwide.”

“Republicans need to find the morality to address these issues, not just the use of force reform, but the disparities facing our communities of color,” said Senator LaTonya Johnson (D-Milwaukee). We don’t need a study committee to verify what we already know.”

In the Assembly, where Speaker Robin Vos has formed a task force on racial disparities, Majority Leader Jim Steineke said any legislative action would likely be after January.

Governor Tony Evers said that’s not good enough. “The people of Wisconsin don’t want another task force or more delays — they want action and results, and they want it today, not tomorrow or some day months down the road,” Evers said, calling the failure to act is a letdown for all of Wisconsin.

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