Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (WRN image)

Wisconsin’s Republican legislative leaders are crying foul over Governor Tony Ever’s decision to extend the statewide Safer At Home order, and promising action.

Evers on Thursday ordered acting Department of Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm to extend the order, originally set to expire on April 17, to Tuesday May 19. It’s part of ongoing efforts to “flatten the curve,” and slow the spread of new COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said the month long extension is a “one size fits all approach” to something that hasn’t majorly impacted rural parts of Wisconsin.

“The power to close down the entire state was never intended to rest solely in the hands of one individual,” Fitzgerald said in a statement. “It’s pretty clear that this extends beyond the 60 days of the emergency order by prolonging the provisions of shelter in place. The Senate has not been part of this conversation and we are planning to look for legal or legislative relief to truly work with the governor to make these very serious decisions that will have long-term effects on our businesses, our children, and our way of life.”

Both Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Evers needs to lay out an economic approach to reopening the state.

Other Republicans, including Senator David Craig, are calling on the Senate to convene in order to fire acting Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm, who has yet to be confirmed by the chamber.

There have also been calls for Wisconsin residents to begin filing lawsuits challenging various parts of the order.

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