Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature want a special election for Secretary of State. Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu noted on Wednesday that Doug LaFollette had hardly begun a new term when he abruptly resigned.

“There are three years and nine months left in this term, where a governor has appointed an unelected person to fill an elective position.” said LeMahieu. You can read his statement here.

Madison Democrat Kelda Roys said there is a reason why democrats won that election again in November. “It’s not because Doug LaFollette was such a stellar candidate. It’s because voters wanted to keep Republicans the hell away from that office.” said Roys.

Republicans called “foul” when Governor Tony Evers named former state Treasurer Sarah Godlewski to the post. Resolutions passed in the Assembly and Senate on Wednesday are non-binding, and Evers won’t be calling an election.

Governors are allowed to make appointments to vacancies in state executive positions, and statute says they “may” call special elections, something Evers has indicated he won’t be doing.

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