The race for the State Supreme Court has become too negative and political for the justice the candidates are hoping to replace.

Retiring Justice Jon Wilcox has endorsed Judge Annette Zeigler over Attorney Linda Clifford but that doesn't mean he likes the way the whole campaign is going.

Justice Wilcox feels it's been negative but also fears campaigns such as this one will "politicize" the State Supreme Court. He says the court is a fair, impartial third body of government and he doesn't want to see that change.

Some have suggested races for judgeships should be financed by the public. But Justice Wilcox doesn't think 100 % public financing is the answer because of the enormous expense to taxpayers. There should be a balance he says.

As for those issue ads that pour millions into all campaigns without disclosing who's paying for them, Wilcox says he's concerned about lack of disclosure but is also concerned about the First Amendment.

Wilcox says that issue will probably reach a court higher than the Wisconsin State Supreme court.


AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:06 MP3 )

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