A warning about health care fraud from a top state official. There’s a huge opportunity for fraud and scams with so much confusion these days over Obamacare. That from Secretary of Health Services Kitty Rhoades – although she said they haven’t actually discovered any shady dealings yet.

“We have been warning people,” she said. “We’re not going door to door, saying “I’m a certified application counselor. If you just give me your Social Security number, I’ll sign you up.” Don’t do that. We’re very concerned that there’s a huge opportunity for fraud here, and for identity theft.”

Rhoades said warning letters have been sent out to Wisconsin BadgerCare recipients. “We just want to make sure that we’re warning people in advance, don’t give out your information unless you’re sure of the person’s identity with whom you’re dealing.”

John Colbert, WIBA


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