Phil Southerland Wisconsin is hosting three bicycle rides this summer, with the goal of funding a cure for diabetes. Madison is the first Wisconsin stop for Tour de Cure, and professional rider Phil Southerland says if you'd like to participate, there's still plenty of time to get sponsors.

"You can set up your own webpage on the diabeties website , then send that out through your email lists, or Facebook or Twitter," says Southerland. "Or do it old school style and just go out and ask for donations."


The Madison event is Saturday, May 23rd, and includes rides of ten, fifty and one hundred miles. Southerland, a rider with Team Type One who himself has Type One diabetes, says anyone can do it. "You know you never really learn to swim unless you get in the water," says Southerland. "Just do it, give it a try. Guaranteed you're going to meet someone there who's around your skill level, and you'll find some great people to ride with."

Incidentally, Southerland says cycling is an ideal exercise for those with diabetes or people who are prediabetic. "When I'm riding my bike on a regular basis, I live a normal life with small adjustments," he says. "If I'm not exercising, diabetes can become a difficult disease to manage. Riding a bike is a great way to ensure that you don't get diabetes, because there are currently 57 million prediabetics in the U.S. And also, it's a great for mental health. There's no better way to clear the head then getting out on the bike for thirty minutes or an hour.

There are two more Wisconsin Tour de Cure stops, June 6th in Oneida and June 28th in Milwaukee.

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