Voters in the 15th state Senate District, principally representing Rock County, will be making a new choice this fall. Incumbent Democrat Judy Robson of Beloit says she’s not running for reelection. Robson doesn’t give a specific reason for not running, other than to say she plans to refocus her efforts in other directions. She has not ruled out running for another office, or returning to her previous profession of nursing.

As she looks back on her more than two-decades long career in the legislature, Robson says she’s particularly proud of her historic and leading role for women. Robson was first elected to the Assembly in 1987, and served as both Majority Leader and Minority Leader in the state Senate.

AUDIO: State Senator Judy Robson (:55 MP3)  AUDIO: State Senator Judy Robson (:55 MP3)

Stan Stricker, WCLO

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