The Rock County Sheriff has finished its investigation into a January triple murder.

Rock County Sheriff Bob Spoden won't talk about the evidence or the DNA test results just back from the crime lab but he's confident about his case. He says James Koepp remains the sole suspect in the case.

Koepp was arrested on other charges shortly after the January murders of Danyetta Lentz and her two teenage children. He was also a neighbor to the victims. But the District Attorney didn't charge Koepp with the murders presumably waiting for the lab results.

Sheriff Spoden says his investigation is basically over. All the materials including the first round of DNA tests just back from the lab have been turned over to the Rock County District Attorney for further action. It's up to the DA to decide if murder charges will be filed against James Koepp.



AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:07 MP3 )

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