A court hearing for the teen accused in the shooting of the Weston School principal ended its fourth day Friday. Psychologist Dr. Michael Caldwell said Eric Hainstock was sensitive to being touched, and may have had a hard time controlling his anger when confronted by Weston School principal John Klang. But Caldwell said Klang did not do the wrong thing. “I don't know how you could know what would be the right thing to do in that situation,” said Caldwell. “I would never intend to imply that he did the wrong thing.” Testimony at the hearing in Sauk County included Weston School guidance counselor, Angela Young, who recounted what she heard on September 29, 2006, the day Hainstock came to school with two guns. “I heard Eric say 'I'm here to kill somebody,'” said Young.

The reverse waiver hearing for Hainstock, accused of shooting and killing Klang, has been extended through Monday. The hearing will determine whether he'll be tried as a juvenile or an adult for last September's murder of the Weston School principal. [Thanks to Dave Stoeger, WRDB]

AUDIO: Dave Stoeger reports (1:45 MP3)

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