At least one Wisconsin resident was still missing in Haiti as of last night, as dozens from the Badger State turned up amid the chaos of the earthquake. 20-year-old Melissa Elliott of the Waukesha County town of Merton remains unaccounted for.

She was among 12 students and two instructors from Lynn University in Florida who were on a food relief project during the winter break. They were staying in a hotel that reportedly collapsed, and the university hired helicopters to search for the students. Another Wisconsinite in that group, Thomas Schloemer of Fox Point, was found.

About a dozen nervous Badger State residents called US Senator Russ Feingold’s office yesterday to ask for help in locating their relatives. Those who were found safe included six members of a church in Yuba in Richland County who were on a gospel mission in Haiti. Also six people from Beloit and Madison on a medical mission are confirmed to be alright, along with dozen from the La Crosse area on another medical trip. Two volunteers from the Milwaukee Episcopal Diocese also turned up fine. They stayed behind after five others had left before the quake hit on Tuesday.

A couple from Sheboygan who’ve been to the impoverished nation as recently as December have been in touch with colleagues still there, saying as many as ten area residents are doing missionary work. All those people are safe, uninjured and accounted for. The Winters call Haiti a “5th World Country” that will urgently need international aid.

John and Vicki Winter (:18)


The Winters are asking that people donate to any reputable organization providing assistance to the ailing people of Haiti.

John Julitz-WHBL contributed to this report

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