Wisconsin should see some economic recovery beginning this spring, according to a report from the state Department of Revenue. “It suggests that for 2010 we’re expecting Wisconsin to basically outperform the nation,” says economist John Koskinen, who authored the report. “We’re expecting employment growth to start picking up second quarter. That is to say we will start adding jobs the second quarter of this year.”

Which runs from April through June. Personal income is expected to grow 3.3 percent in Wisconsin this year. “It beats going to down, like it was last year,” notes Koskinen. “I like to make a distinction between what an economist calls recovery, which is basically things are going up, and what everybody else understands, which is when do we get back to where we expect to be,” Koskinen explains. “We expect, in terms of outcome, to recover sometime next year, and in terms of employment it won’t be until 2012.”

John Colbert, WIBA

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