Should impeachment be back on the table? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have taken it off the table months ago, but speakers at UW-Madison's Memorial Union Monday urged Congress impeach President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. Madison native Debra Sweet is national director of The World Can't Wait . "People have tried everything, including voting," she noted. "The radical act of voting last November to stop the war, has not brought about the results people were hoping and expecting." John Nichols with Madison's Capitol Times newspaper noted that 40 towns in Vermont have voted for impeachment, and urged the same of the Madison City Council and Dane County Board. "If Richard Nixon's actions were impeachable, then so too are those of George Bush, Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales," said Nichols. Organizers of the Town Meeting hope to inspire an "Impeachment Summer," in Wisconsin, and get the state's Congressional delegation and the legislature to support impeachment resolutions.


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