A state lawmaker says Wisconsin should join the majority of states in the US that have legalized capital punishment. State Senator Alan Lasee (R-De Pere) says that's why he plans to introduce a bill that would bring back the death penalty.

The proposed legislation would limit the use of when the death penalty could be considered. Lasee says it should only be used in heinous cases where DNA evidence can prove the person is guilty. The De Pere Republican says he believes there are situations where it would be warranted, and feels many Wisconsinites would agree with him.

The proposal will likely face a difficult battle in the legislature. State Representative Dave Travis (D-Waunakee) predicts the measure likely won't even get a chance for a vote. Travis says the issue is something most lawmakers just don't want to talk about.

Lasee himself admits that he doesn't expect the measure to go far. But, he feels he has a duty to introduce it, after 54 percent of state voters favored the death penalty in an advisory referendum in November.  [WIBA's John Colbert contributed to this report]

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:30)

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