"Scary stuff." That's the Senate Republican take on a Democratic health care proposal. Introduced late Friday as a state budget amendment, "Healthy Wisconsin" only got a committee hearing Monday, and Senator Scott Fitzgerald doesn't think Democrats are just tossing this sweeping reform proposal out for no reason. "This thing could absolutely be part of a negotiated package between the Democrats and Republicans on the (budget) conference committee," said Fitzgerald durng a meeting with reporters Monday. Senator Carol Roessler of Oshkosh said the Democrats' plan does nothing, to address the real health care problem in Wisconsin. "Our real problem is in the cost of health care," said Roessler. "High-risk politics" is the view of Milwaukee area Senator Alberta Darling. Senate Democrats claim their plan will offer health care benefits to virtually all Wisconsin residents, but admit the price tag will be hefty: a projected fifteen billion dollars a year. Business groups are already lining up against the plan.

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