That depends on who you talk to.

Lawmakers in our state agree that SeniorCare is a better prescription drug program than Medicare Part-D for about 105,000 Wisconsin seniors.

"Wisconsin is the only state in the nation that has SeniorCare in addition to Medicare Part Dumb."

That's state Senator Bob Jauch (D-Poplar). At a capitol budget hearing State Health Secretary Kevin Hayden told Jauch what he's telling the feds in order to convince them to save SeniorCare.

Hayden also wants the US Health Secretary to know that many low-income seniors who currently use SeniorCare won't be eligible for Part-D, so they won't be able to afford their medication and will go without.

Meanwhile, after a recent meeting with US Health Secretary staffers, Congressman Steve Kagen (D-Appleton) said another waiver to extend SeniorCare doesn't look hopeful at all. And State Representative Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa) had recently sent out a press release saying that SeniorCare is as good as dead , so we should plan accordingly.

But at the JFC hearing, Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) said she's not ready to give up on SeniorCare just yet, but she did ask Hayden about a Plan B, just in case. He said they don't have a backup plan, but they can whip up something if need be.

Hayden said he'll also talk with the US Health Secretary about the impact on real lives with the demise of SeniorCare. Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton also remains optimistic after her visit to Washington D-C, saying "It appears that Secretary Leavitt is leaving the door ajar." Without the extension, SeniorCare will expire at the end of June.

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