There have been 585 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Wisconsin. That’s according to the Wednesday afternoon update from the Department of Health Services.

There have also been two more deaths, a 60 year old man in Milwaukee, and the first death in Dane County, a person in their seventies.

That brings the total number of people who’ve died to seven. It’s a number that will continue to grow, and public health officials say by how much, and how fast, depends on how closely the rest pf us follow Governor Tony Evers “Safer at Home” order.

“If we continue on our current path, without implementing Safer at Home to flatten the curve, the models show us that we would likely have 22,000 Wisconsinites who are positive for COVID-19 by April 8, and an estimated 440 to 1,500 deaths,” DHS Secretary Andrea Palm said Tuesday.

The Milwaukee death was confirmed by the medical examiner’s office after DHS posted its daily update, which lists 6 total deaths.


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