The Sheboygan City Council has taken another step in its effort to remove Mayor Bob Ryan from office for his latest drinking binge. After hearing from City Attorney Steve McLean that two of five citizen complaints meet the legal standards, aldermen voted 12 to two to recommend that the council hire up to two outside attorneys and that the city proceed with the removal process.

Aldermen Kevin Matichek and Joe Heidemann voted “no.” Heidemann said he couldn’t see spending $50,000 on something that could resolve itself in a year and a half. Alderman Jim Bohren disagreed saying when the mayor refused to resign he left the council no other choice but to remove him.

The recommendation now goes to the council on Monday night for formal approval.

Ryan was in the audience with his attorney Dwight Darrow but did not speak during the meeting. He also said he had comment after the meeting.

The council last week voted 14 to two in favor of a resolution asking Ryan to resign. Ryan admits he’s an alcoholic, but says he has never come to work drunk, has never attended a city meeting while intoxicated and has no intention of resigning.

Mike Kinzel-WHBL

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