There was another flash flood watch in Grant County Monday night. Just what the residents of Bagley and other communities don't need.

That's because three weeks ago, flash flooding forced more than a hundred families out of their homes in Bagley near the Mississippi River. Most of them have to rebuild. Most didn't have flood insurance.

Julie Loeffelholz with Grant County Emergency Management says some people are suffering. Ninety-eight to ninety-nine per cent of the victims did not have flood insurance. Either they chose not to, Loeffelholz says, or they couldn't afford it.

The Small Business Administration is offering low interest loans and Emergency Management continues to uncover various federal and state grant programs that will eventually help. Loeffelholz realizes some flood victims may feel abandoned and feel frustrated by the process but recovering from a disaster takes time.

Loeffelholz says in addition to seeking out new grants, financial help is always welcome. A special account has been set up at the People's Bank in Patch Grove.

Volunteers are also need to help in the clean-up and to tear down some more homes this weekend that didn't survive the flood.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:16 MP3 )

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