More farm equipment is going to be out on county roads as the fall harvest continues, and farmers are asking people to slow down and take it easy.

Farm Bureau member Shane Goplin says that there’s never a good reason to pass a vehicle in a no passing zone, even if it’s a slow moving vehicle. 

“I’ve had instances where I was even making a right-hand turn and somebody passed me on the left over a blind Hill and it just sent cringes down my neck. You don’t know what’s coming around that corner, or over that hill and it could be dangerous, no doubt!”

Goplin says that if there is an issue, that farmers will try to make space for someone so that they can be properly passed but that drivers just need to have patience. 

“I’m constantly looking for a place where I can get off on a road or where I can get myself off a hundred percent off the road so they can pass.”

State law makes it illegal to pass a farm tractor or hauler in a no passing zone, but Goplin says that ought to just be good common sense in the first place. 

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