Depending on who you listen to, those pushing comprehensive planning, AKA Smart Growth, are either concerned citizens, or working for the Devil himself. 

Amid a firestorm of controversy, the Clark County Board voted down a comprehensive plan in 2006. The Planning and Zoning Committee brought a resolution to the board Thursday night that would have resurrected the process. It was voted down 12-15, But not before some familiar arguments were dredged up.

Margaret Grottke of Chili told the board Smart Growth stemmed from the United Nations' Agenda 21. "It is in no way designed to make our country safe or strong. It is a plot designed to undermine or constitutional government, and to destroy all that our country stands for," said Grottke, who went on to accuse anyone who voted for Smart Growth of being "a traitor to America."

Committee chairman Carl Kallberg of the Owen area said there's no grand conspiracy here. He says municipalities that don't want a plan won't be forced to adopt one. Their land is left as "unrestricted" in the county plan. But, municipalities need a comprehensive plan if they want to enforce zoning. "We held over a hundred meetings that people could come to. The very first meeting we held, we told townships and municipalities this was not something they had to do."

Opponents disagree that a comprehensive plan is needed to enforce zoning, but Kallberg said the county has contacted lawyers that agree with their ruling of the statute.

AUDIO: Paul Knoff reports (1:20 MP3)

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