Social distancing is critical, if Wisconsin is to be spared from the worst aspects of the coronavirus outbreak. Too many of us are still not heeding the advice of people like Dr. Mark Kaufman.

“Social distancing is the primary intervention that will really make a difference, in the number of Wisconsin citizens who become ill with COVID-19, and how ill they will be,” said Kaufman, who is Chief Medical Officer for the Wisconsin Hospitals Association.

Kaufman’s urging to take calls for social distancing seriously came on Friday, the same day the state’s number of confirmed COVID-19 cases topped 200. As of Friday there were also three deaths, in Milwaukee, Ozaukee and Fond du Lac counties.

“One of the really troubling aspects potentially of a coming wave (of COVID-19 patients) is an infected healthcare workforce,” Kaufman said. “If we can really all do our part with social distancing, we can slow that wave of infections among our Wisconsin citizens, which will really help protect our healthcare workforce, and keep them were they need to be, taking care of patients.”

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