Wisconsin's Hmong community is hoping Congress will fix a provision in the Patriot Act.

The Hmong have been praised by Congress for fighting along side US troops during the Vietnam War. Fighting the communists in their native Laos.

Now the Patriot Act considers at least some Hmong refugees terrorists. That means refugees sitting in the jungle camps of Thailand can not get into the US to join their families.

Kor Xiong hosts a radio show for the Hmong community in Appleton. His understanding of the Act says anyone who fought against their government are considered terrorists whether the cause is just or not.

Xiong says even Hmong immigrants here have a difficult time getting a green card because of this provision.

Xiong says listeners to his radio show call in worried about family members, especially those in Thailand. That's because the Thai government threatened once to send them back home to Laos and that could be fatal.

The Bush administration and some in Congress say they'll fix it but many in the Wisconsin Hmong community worry if they'll see their relatives again.


AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:01 MP3 )

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