As libraries continue to cope with changes in operations due to covid-19, some of those changes might be sticking around once things get back to normal.

Marshfield Public Library director Jill Porter says her patrons have been using more of their options than before. 

“I mean, our usage is still down about half but even with the pick ups, even with the digital, but it’s nice to see that patrons are exploring different things that we offer.”

Porter says one addition they’ve made is an outdoor story walk. “Children and their families can walk around outside, get a little fresh air and read a story at the same time so they’re just exploring different ways of using the library.”

They’re planning to keep curbside pick up of books for their elderly patrons once everything is back to normal. “Rather than walking through the snow or when they’re not feeling up to it so this is a terrific option for us.”

Porter says that while in person borrowing is down, they’ve seen a major increase in digital lending.

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