A new report indicates Wisconsin teenagers looking for information on emergency contraceptives are often given wrong or misleading information. The report from Family Planning Health Services is the result of phone calls made to family planning clinics, emergency rooms, and crisis pregnancy centers across Wisconsin. Callers posing as teens called several agencies around the state, posing questions about friend's sexual encounter. FPHS spokeswoman Maggie Keneen says callers received varying levels of information, with family planning clinics offering the clearest advice on emergency contraceptives. But, Keneen says over 80% of crisis pregnancy centers gave wrong or misleading information to callers…including telling the caller that the morning after pill could cause them to bleed to death.

Executive Director Lon Newman says callers also ran into problems with emergency rooms, since many were unable to share information over the phone. Newman says more efforts are needed to help women find correct information on emergency contraceptives.
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