It was supposed to be about setting fees for registry of domestic partnerships, but a debate by the Fond du Lac County Board Tuesday night developed into a discussion about a state mandate some feel is unconstitutional.

Supervisor Jim Kiser told board members he couldn't go along with supporting the setting of fees for registration of same sex couples as domestic partners. Kiser says it goes against the state constitution's definition of marriage, while affording many of the same benefits. He says setting the fees endorses a provision that was tucked away in the state budget.

Board Chairman Marty Farrell accused Kiser of making a speech about a law he didn't like and at several points reminded supervisors the resolution before them was about setting fees.

By a 13 to 5 vote the Board set a $90 fee for registering domestic partnerships and the same cost for terminating the partnership. It's the same amount the County charges for marriage licenses. The fees will go into effect on August 3 rd.

AUDIO: Sup. Kizer on registery as a budget provision (MP3 :18)

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