A specially trained group of La Crosse firefighters are standing by to help in Minneapolis if needed

Members of the La Crosse Technical Rescue Team recently trained on how to conduct search and recovery efforts of collapsed bridges and buildings. They have an idea of what's facing crews in Minneapolis.

Team Leader Frank Devine says at first it's probably overwhelming.  Based on his training, Devine says the Minnesota teams face some long, physically demanding hours ahead. Trying to move and break through all that concrete and steel.

Eventually, Devine says they may have to bring in barges with heavy duty cranes to lift the collapsed sections of the bridge. That means, it could be a while before all the victims are located.

Divine and his La Crosse team are part of a four hundred and fifty member Homeland Security squad trained to respond statewide to major structure disasters. Bridges, buildings, commercial or large residential structures. Anything that may be too much for local resources to handle.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:05 MP3 )

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