A Spencer-area man will receive an award tonight at the Governor's Conference on Highway Safety in Stevens Point.  His story serves as a pointed reminder about the importance of wearing a helmet when motorcycling.

It was a beautiful June night when David Lucht journeyed home on STH 98 after a fire department meeting night.  That's when a deer ran across the road and crashed into him.

Lucht says he never saw it and doesn't remember much after the initial hit. But his head smashed into road and he skidded for many feet. Lucht says, thankfully, he was wearing his helmet.

The forty-eight year old Lucht, husband and father of two, says he's thought often about what "might" have happened. He says he loves to ride and never used to wear a helmet until he witnessed an acquaintance die in a motorcycle accident a few years ago.

Lucht says his story is a reminder to the importance of wearing a helmet, especially in an area of the state known for a high deer population.

Lucht still has the helmet, which is pretty beat up, and he says he may go to area schools to stress the importance of wearing helmets to youngsters.

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