Forget the immigration bill now in the US Senate. One lawmaker wants the state to take on illegal immigration.

Republican Frank Lasee of Bellevue wants to cut off any taxpayer funded service for illegal immigrants. He believes if you cut off welfare and jobs illegal immigrants will stop coming to this country and state.

So, he will introduce legislation that requires anyone providing a tax-payer funding service to check for immigration status.

Lasee will introduce a second bill banning businesses from hiring illegals knowingly. Why not let the federal government handle it with the current immigration bill?

Lasee says no one is happy with the current immigration bill being debated by the U.S. Senate. He doesn't think the federal government has a handle on the issue so the state needs to step in and protect itself from unnecessary spending.

Lasee says once a state law is in place, state, local and even federal authorities could enforce it, handing out citations and collect fines from violators who fail to check for proper immigration status.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :58 MP3 )

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