State democrats celebrated at their convention in Milwaukee Friday night with an eye to the next election.

It was part pep rally. A rallying cry for democrats to gain more seats in the legislature, congress and the White House.

Also some advice on winning from Governor Jim Doyle. He told the crowd the voters want politicians to put aside the partisan bickering and stay focused on the needs of the people in Wisconsin.

The party delegates heard from legislative leaders, Wisconsin democrats in Congress including Senator Russ Feingold who took some of his congressional colleagues to task on Iraq. Feingold said if anyone wonders why approval ratings for Congress are so low. It's simple, he says, it's Iraq. Democrats haven't done what they promised to do. Bring the troops home.

Governor Doyle has never been clear on whether he plans to run for a third term. But he may have tipped his hand Friday night when he said it just might take four more years to get everything done that he hopes his administration will accomplish.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:06 )

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