Legislative Democrats have unveiled a package of bills to make it easier for Wisconsinites to claim and file for unemployment.

State Senator Janice Ringhand says they want to undo some of the obstacles that were erected in getting unemployment during the Walker administration. 

(“There were a lot of bills that were passed between 2011 and 2018 that made it more complicated to get unemployment. So this will eliminate some of those obstructions that were put in place during that time frame.”

The bills would peel back application requirements, and would reduce the amount of work Wisconsinites have to do during each week to continue claiming unemployment. 

“There was a bill that was forwarded several years ago that requires four work searches every week, and this reduces that to two. And it gives D W D more authority to make individual decisions.”

The bill will also allow people who both work and qualify for disability benefits to file for unemployment, and allow those getting job skills training to apply as well. 

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