Legislative democrats are geared up for a fight with republicans over universal health care but there may be a fight within their own party.

Delegates to the state democratic convention passed a resolution supporting senate democrats and their universal health care plan. But while Governor Doyle thinks the plan is worthy of debate, he wants action on his health care plan now.

Addressing the democratic convention, the Governor said he believes Democrats, Republicans and Independents can agree that all children should be covered as well as adults who don't have children. But he says that can be done with Badger Care and that should be something that's wrapped up this year.

The party faithful in the state seem to want health care to go a step further. Party Chair Joe Wineke reminded the Governor democratic senators kept his budget proposal in tact when passing the senate's version last week.

Republicans know that and they're ready for a budget battle.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:06 MP3 )

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