The co-owners of a company that set up pop-up COVID-19 testing sites will be paying a fine to the state.

State consumer protection director Michael Domke says Aleya Siyaj and Akbar Syed, the co-owners of the Center for Covid Control, failed to provide the testing services they promised people. 

“And instead of slowing down or trying to throttle their business to keep up with what they’re able to produce, they just allowed themselves to keep taking more and more and more.”

The company, based out of Illinois, had multiple locations across Southern Wisconsin, but all of them folded up around January this year when investigations started mounting across the Country. “So I think the culmination of our agency and other agencies looking into their activities, led to them saying, Alright, enough is enough, and shutting their doors,” says Domke.

Siyaj and Syed will have to pay Wisconsin over 22 thousand dollars in civil forfeiture. Multiple other states have lawsuits pending against the couple. 

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