The Governor, Lt. Governor and the cabinet will spend the week listening to people in the northern part of the state.

It's called the annual Up North Tour. The executive branch of state government will spend the week traveling through northern counties.

Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton is part of that tour designed to give northern residents a chance to get in touch with their state government. She says it's important to let people in that area know that while distance from Madison may be great they and their issues are not forgotten.

The Lt. Governor thinks they will hear plenty on a number of issues but two in particular, good family supporting jobs and health care. Lawton says those issues are the same across the state but there seems to be more intensity about it in the north.

The drought and what the state can do to help is also expected to be high on northern Wisconsinite's list.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :53 MP3 )

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