Tribal honor guard at Capitol in Madison Tribal Leaders are calling for the state's help in improving the quality of life in northern Wisconsin.

During the annual State of the Tribes address at the Capitol Tuesday, Sokaogon Chippewa Chairman Arlyn Ackley called on lawmakers to help expand road access in northern Wisconsin. Ackley says four-lane highways are needed to help bring tourism traffic to their parts of the state.

Ackley says educational aid is also needed to make sure children living on reservations don't fall behind. He says those kids need to be educated and trained, so they can contribute to the reservations and state.

Ackley offered praise for the Great Lakes Compact, and the leadership of the state in getting it approved.

He also stressed the importance of the upcoming 2010 US Census providing an accurate count of the population on reservations. Ackley says the count has been off in the past, leading to a loss of valuable aid.

Ackley says cooperation between state, federal, and tribal officials is essential to solving many of the problems facing Wisconsin's 11 tribes.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 :55)

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