The D N R is set to reopen the state’s campgrounds on Wednesday.

DNR section chief Missy VanLanduyt says that while restrooms will be open, bubblers are turned off and no staff are on site, so trash cans have been removed.

“So just remember to bring your own water and to pack in and pack out and that there may be capacity restrictions but if you go to our web page and search Park capacity you’ll be able to plan your trip ahead of time before you get there just in case the capacity restriction is put into place.”

VanLanduyt says that you’ll still need to buy a park pass online, and do online registration and reservations. 

“And we still will have a number of the tools in place to limit overcrowding and to promote social distancing but we still wanted to keep this as an opportunity and as a tradition to really get people out and explore outdoor recreation on our state properties.”

One more thing to remember is that there will be no onsite firewood sales at parks. “So people should plan ahead and purchase firewood outside of the property prior to entering and it actually is a requirement that fire would be purchased only within 10 miles of their camping location.”

That’s part of the state’s effort to prevent the spread of Emerald Ash Borer and other infectious diseases.

You can register for a campsite and get your parks passes online at


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