The Wisconsin State Patrol is participating in the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative this week.  “Human trafficking is a concern that we have in the state patrol year round,” Sergeant Craig Morehouse tells WKOW. “A lot of times the victims of human trafficking, they might not even consider themselves victims. It could be people that were brought to this country, you know, to work, that sort of thing.”

The State Patrol will be handing out wallet resource cards, window clings and brochures during traffic stops and at truck stops. “People might see indicators are what they think is human trafficking going on. And they’re kind of our best source of tips and clues. Be a good observer. don’t confront the people directly, watch what’s going on, take down notes, vehicle description, license plates, that sort of thing.”

This initiative is an opportunity to recruit drivers and carriers to help identify and fight against trafficking. By knowing the number to call and reporting what they see, a simple phone call may help save a life. For more information about the CVSA’s initiative, visit
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