Wisconsin's college bound students now have a chance to attend other Midwestern schools and get a tuition break. But do they know about it?

Beginning this fall several UW system campuses are part of the Midwest Student Exchange Program. It's a chance for students to go other colleges with programs of interest at a cut tuition rate.

Contrary to published reports, UW's exchange program coordinator Lynn Paulson says the program is publicized and explained on various websites. He says since it's a limited enrollment program, he doesn't fear a brain drain of state students. In fact, they're hoping to lure bright students from other states here to Wisconsin.

And even if some Wisconsin students do leave for other schools, the hope is they will return after graduation.

Some of the other schools in the exchange program are places such as the University of Missouri, University of Kansas and Nebraska.Nine UW Campuses are part of the program excluding UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee.
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