Millions are being spent this campaign season on attack ads. But one Wisconsin group is finding voters are getting fed up with all the dirt.

 AARP Wisconsin has been traveling the state handing out voter guides on where candidates stand on issues primarily for the 50-plus crowd. Extending Senior Care, prescription drug prices and property taxes are among their top concerns.

 But Jim Flaherty with AARP says no matter where in the state the Voter Express Van goes, people of all ages are telling them the same thing. They can't get straight answers from the candidates themselves on where they stand on those topics.

 Flaherty says they constantly hear complaints about all the negative attack ads. In fact, too many people are saying their so disenchanted with the process they may not even vote.

At that's too bad according to Flaherty because he sees people who really want to get involved in the electoral process. He says there is no voter apathy around the state. People do care about who represents them. They just want answers to the questions that affect them.




AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :54 MP3 )

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