The website that serves as Wisconsin’s front door to the Internet has a new look and several new features. Stephanie Marquis is with the Wisconsin Department of Administration. She says the website hasn’t had much for upgrades in over a decade, so it was extremely overdue. She says along with the more visually pleasing front page, the new site allows you to connect to from anywhere.

“One of the key features is you can actually access it on your mobile device , whether that’s a cellphone or an Ipad, or any of those type of things, which is just so crucial because so many do business online nowadays.”

Marquis says the new website also has better navigation, an enhanced Google search function, and allows them to use analytics to place popular items on the front page where they are easy to find. If you need help finding something, there’s a new feature for that, too.

“There’s even an online chat feature, so that if you’re not sure what agency to go to, that we can assist you with pointing you in the right direction.”



More than 2.9 million people click over 6 million page views on every year to find government services, state agencies, find jobs, and keep track of what’s going on in government. Marquis says visitors to the Badger state also benefit from the changes.


“What’s wonderful with some of that visitor content is you can really pick what you want to do. If you want to travel, if you want road conditions in the state, if you really want to visit our state capitol, it has a lot of just wonderful different content to really help you get there much faster (and find) what you’re looking for.”


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