It’s going to take some time, for Wisconsin to begin receiving regular shipments of the newly approved Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine.

“What we have been told about J&J supply is we’ll get this initial 47-48 thousand doses, and then we’re not likely to see very much supply for the next few weeks. And more likely by the end of Mach to see a regular supply of vaccine,”  Department of Health Services Deputy Secretary Julie Willems Van Diijk said on Tuesday.

The state’s initial doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have been allocated for educators as part of Phase 1B of the vaccination effort.

“This is a group we’ve prioritized, and we know they are all eager to get their vaccines. And so we’ve put them into our allocation for the school plan. This is going to help us move through the educator workforce more quickly, and that will open up for others coming behind them,” Willems Van Diijk said.

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