David Stearns

The Milwaukee Brewers recent success on and off the field has landed two key front office figures promotions.

David Stearns helped lead the Brewers to within one win of the World Series, was promoted from General Manager to President of Baseball Operations and General Manager.  Stearns first joined the Brewers in 2015.

Schlesinger just announced a new 15-year ballpark naming rights deal on Tuesday, was promoted from Chief Operating Officer to President of Business Operations.  He will be entering his 17th year with the team.

Both Stearns and Schlesinger were both given raises and contract extensions in their new positions.

The promotion of Stearns made perfect sense in a number of areas for the Brewers.  A number of teams had shown interest in hiring Stearns.  His new promotion will keep other teams from trying to steal him away from Milwaukee.

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