Lottery winners have 180 days to claim their prizes but the silence surrounding a 41-million dollar Powerball winner from Stoughton is even surprising state lottery officials.

Andrew Bohag with the state lottery says they know the winning ticket was sold at a Stoughton convenience store but it is unusual that no information about the winner has surfaced.

Bohag says while the winner has time to officially come forward, usually there's some local buzz about who won. Not this time.

Bohag says there could be a number of reasons why. Unlikely, but it's possible the ticket buyer doesn't realize it's a winner. Maybe the ticket is lost. Or, the winner is trying to arrange legal or financial advice before claiming the prize.

If there's a group winner, such as the Fond du Lac cheese factory workers, someone usually leaks the news to friends or family.

If no one claims the money, it goes back into the Lottery Tax Relief Fund.


AUDIO: Jennfier Miller WIBA reports ( :41 MP3 )

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