Dropping temperatures in southern Wisconsin turned rain soaked roads into ice-slicked paths Thursday night, leading to dozens of crashes.

"It was ridiculously slippery, even at slow speeds it was slick," says Dave Dohnal of the Dane County Sheriff's Office.

Dohnal says there were no serious injuries because traffic was moving very slowly.

Some roads had to be closed because vehicles couldn't get traction. Between 10 and 11 PM, many law enforcement agencies, only responded to crashes with injuries or roads blocked. Emergency responders also got stuck on the roads at times and some veteran members of law enforcement described the situation as the worst road conditions they've ever seen.

Meanwhile, the far north is digging out from up to nine-and-a-half inches of new snow. Door County endured winds up to 56 mph. Gile in Iron County had the most snow Thursday night, while other parts of the northwest had 7 to 8 inches. Green Bay had just under six-inches, breaking an 88-year-old record for the date.

Jason Fischer-WIBA contributed to this report

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