Parents who attended a session at Green Bay's East High School seemed glad to be there talking about safety issues rather than attending student funerals. That could have been the case if an alleged Columbine-like plot had not been uncovered.

They can thank student Matt Atkinson who heard about the plot. He decided to tell authorities even though he didn't know how serious the plotters were. Atkinson says he didn't do it for fame but was seriously concerned about the safety of fellow students and staff at his high school.

Police say they believe the three young men arrested are the only ones involved. Police knocked down rumors that as many as 11 students were involved. They also said there never was a hit list of students targeted for attack.

Brown County District Attorney John Zakowski says no charges will be filed against the parents of the two 17-year olds now in custody even though guns, ammo and bombs were found in their homes. Zakowski says the parents had no idea what their children were planning.

Zakowski says there's a lesson for parents here. Know what your children are doing.-
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