Students from the Weston High School took the stand this morning, to testify against a student accused of murdering his principal. The students talked about their experience on September 29th of last year, when 16-year-old Eric Hainstock allegedly came to school with a rifle and handgun, and fatally shot Principal John Klang.

One of the students told the jury that Hainstock was teased by fellow students prior to the shooting, but also talked about how he did his fair share of initiating conflicts with students. The student said Hainstock would "push people more than he would get pushed."

Another student told the jury about a conversation with Hainstock prior to the shooting, where he said he wish a stapler he'd thrown at the teacher had actually hit him. The student expressed concerns that Hainstock's talk could lead to another "Columbine."

The trial was briefly interrupted Monday morning by a woman in the courtroom who began yelling at attorneys during the trial. She wanted to know if Hainstock had attended school in another district, where her son and others may have picked on him.

Hainstock is charged with a count of first degree intentional homicide for the murder of Klang. His defense is arguing the shooting was not intentional, but the result of reckless behavior. 

AUDIO: Dave Stoeger reports (MP3 1:28)

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